Self Drive Adventures (Maun - Botswana) For Sale!

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Self Drive Adventures (Maun - Botswana) For Sale!

Post by » Sun Oct 23, 2011 9:10 pm

Dear Hans,

My name is Taryn Mc Cann and I own a 4x4 vehicle hire company in Maun – Self Drive Adventures ( You have very kindly made reference to my company in your forum, and because of this I was wondering if I could advertise the company on your forum site. I am a graphic designer by trade, and have a flourishing design company. As this is my passion, I am want to sell Self Drive Adventures.

Please could you let me know if you would let me advertise the sale of the company on your forum and if you might know of anyone who would be interested in purchasing it.

Kind regards

Taryn Mc Cann
Twin Zebras
+267 7162 7102
Anyone looking to opt out of the rat race and buy a business in Botswana (currently based in Maun) can contact Taryn McCann at

Discover unspoiled Africa by 4x4, individual freedom and a true African adventure!
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