Looking for a second hand 4x4 ready for an Overland journey?

Fully equipped ones ready for a new adventure or other 4x4's
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Looking for a second hand 4x4 ready for an Overland journey?

Post by come-along.nl » Thu Mar 18, 2010 8:23 pm

Enzo has been living in Africa since 1991. He is trained and has worked as a Learner Professional Hunter Guide with Kumuna Safari Lodge in Zimbabwe and then as an Environmental Educator with the Wildlife Society of South Africa. Since then he has participated in many solo overland safaris in East and Southern Africa: South Africa to Kenya; Kenya to Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe to Kenya via Malawi and Kenya to South Africa via Ngorongoro and Zanzibar.



He has a website that offers fully equipped 4x4's that has been used by former travellers and are now waiting for new adventures...

Enzo says: This service is based entirely on trust. I market, and potentially sell, your 4x4 vehicle. I then trust you, the seller, to deal honestly with me and the potential buyer. If all goes well, you will sell your vehicle - I then trust you to then pay me a 10% commission of the final sale price...no arguments, no fuss.
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