Adjust the right Tyre pressure!!

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Adjust the right Tyre pressure!!

Post by kingshaka » Sat Sep 11, 2010 12:48 pm

Came across a good eyeopener for all you Holiday Selfdrivers ;)
"We have been blessed recently with quite a variety of trip reports from visitors on the traditional routes through the Botswana parks. Guys and Gals, thank you for all the write ups and time to return the favors on the advice given by the forum members. One point is bothering me however, people pride themselves that they "didn't even need to reduce tyre pressure" because their rental had such fantastic traction and in 4WD they made it through event the scariest obstacles.

Well, right, but have these guys considered the damage they do to the tracks by running hard tyres and digging into the existing tracks with wheelspin and all . One aspect...... the second is the wear on shocks and mechanical damage to the rig..."we had to tighten all the nuts and bolts" and "lost the shock absorber bushes and had to replace" are just samples of these bold statements.

I understand, it's only a rental but your friends will rent it after you and the tracks are done for all that follow.

Please, even when it is not necessary, deflate the tyres when hitting the parks, you are so much more comfortable and save some fuel on top and keep the tracks in drivable conditions. You don't deflate the tyres when you are stuck, but to prevent of getting stuck hence save the digging and filling the tracks with broken twigs - the lot. We are entering the dry season and tracks are getting softer, the sand deeper, so please!

We thank you all"
Switch on 4x4 when hitting the gravel. It helps to pervent corrugation! Also offroad (e.g. Sand) go down to 1.4 bar and don't drive faster than 50kph.

Source: KalahariSafari
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