Misa & Patrick - Botswana & Mozambique April 2015

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Misa & Patrick
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Misa & Patrick - Botswana & Mozambique April 2015

Post by Misa & Patrick » Sun Feb 01, 2015 10:34 pm

Hi everyone,

after travelling about 8.000 km through South Africa and Swasiland in the last 11 years, us two (Patrick and Misa) will be extending our road-book to up-north a little bit this spring.

We had been planing to go to Botswana or Namibia once this lifetime, but just now we have the chance to go on this great journey.

With this introduction, we'd like to give a face a wonderful itineary, which Hans and his staff have laid out for us.

If anyone on here should be in the region, we will start on April 3rd in Johannesburgh, driving by Gaborone and circeling Botswana counter-clockwise. Would be great to meet and greet someone!

Cheers, Misa & Patrick

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