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Zambia - South Luangwa - Malama - Mfuwe to Petauke - zambia

Posted: Wed May 18, 2016 1:15 pm
by MennoWitteveen
Hi All,

Many people ask me frequently about the condition of the road from Mfuwe to Petauke (or other way around).
This road is ok from April to December. From December to April it can be a big challenge (rainy season).
About camping
There is no campsite between Petauke and Mfuwe. HOWEVER.....

There is a self catering place, where you can rent cottages right at the Luangwa River, where you are surrounded by wildlife, called Malama Umoyo Cottages.

If you need uptodate info about the condition of the road, do not hesitate to contact me.