URGENT WARNING! Gorongosa Park (PNG) Evacuated...

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URGENT WARNING! Gorongosa Park (PNG) Evacuated...

Post by come-along.nl » Sun Jun 30, 2013 8:16 am

Gorongosa Park (PNG) Evacuated.

Renamo Threatens road and rail traffic.

Hi all

Thursday June 20, 2013, 0900.
I am just off the phone to Gorongosa and the very bad news is that all tourists have been evacuated from the Parque Nacional da Gorongosa (National Park) and that he saw about 30 military transport trucks
heading north towards the Gorongosa Mountain. So looks like a big show-down to root out the rebels may be being planned by the Mozambique Army. Or just a "show of force"?

Advisory from the Park: We are issuing this note to potential guests: Note: there is some civil unrest in the center of Mozambique and we recommend that you should check the news and be in touch with us before traveling to Gorongosa.
The Girassol Gorongosa Lodge & Safari is also sending this info to the persons trying to book for the coming days:

Note: Due to access restrictions to the Gorongosa National Park at the moment we are not able to accept bookings till the end of June.
As soon as the situation is normalized we hope that you can visit us.

The best contact is the reception of the Girassol Gorongosa Lodge & Safari: (+258) 82 308 2252

Best regards,
Vasco Galante
source & updates: http://www.mozguide.com/index.php/news/ ... -evacuated
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