Zimbabwe recent visit...

Hwange, Mana Pools & The Victoria Falls 'Smoke that Thunders' Mosi-oa-Tunya!
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Zimbabwe recent visit...

Post by kingshaka » Sun Jun 05, 2011 7:58 am

we were in Zim for the last four weeks and there was plenty of room
everywhere - Robins Camp we had entirely to ourselves - we were told
that they had been busy at Easter. Kariba had a few more people, the
same at Mana Pools but lots of open camping spaces. Up in the Vumba at
Mutare the hotels are virtually empty - Leopard Rock $165 for B&B for

Zimbabwe, if it does not have any more trouble, will become a hot
tourist destination in the next two years; so if you want to go, go
now, whilst its still cheap and available. The roads are in fantastic
condition - pot holes filled (NB SA Road repairers) - the people
friendly and absolutely no problems at all. $1 road tax for which you
get an official receipt on all the main roads - about every 100kms or
so and lots of police blocks - but again no sign of corruption or
begging - also they are neat and clean with freshly ironed uniforms -
this was a real mindshifter for us, we did not know what to expect and
we were really thrilled with our trip.

Paul & Lin

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