Warning: Stricter vehicle regulations in Zimbabwe...

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Warning: Stricter vehicle regulations in Zimbabwe...

Post by come-along.nl » Wed Feb 09, 2011 1:21 pm

According to a Statutory Instrument published in the Zimbabwe Government Gazette recently, no person shall drive a vehicle in Zimbabwe unless it is considered roadworthy, equipped with a fire extinguisher, 2 x red warning triangles, a serviceable spare wheel, an efficient jack and a wheel spanner capable of undoing the vehicle’s wheel nuts.

Here are some details from the published guidelines:

Breakdown Triangles: Two reflective breakdown triangles per vehicle and with serial numbers, name of manufacturer and year of manufacture and conforming to Standards Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ) standards will be mandatory. A pair is also required for each trailer. These must be placed one in front and one at the rear of a vehicle (30 to 50m) when it is stationery on any road at a place not designated for stopping.

Fire Extinguishers: All vehicles to carry an appropriate and SAZ approved fire extinguisher in the CAB of the vehicle – Light vehicles (750g) and heavy vehicles (1,5kg). Every fire extinguisher shall be of a type and make approved by the Standards Association of Zimbabwe, which approval shall be visibly marked on the fire extinguisher, and secured at an easily accessible and visible position within the cab of such vehicle.”

Reflectors: White reflectors in front, red reflectors at the rear.

Motorists should be aware that police may be checking for these items after the 1st December 2010 which is when the regulations come into force.

However, the new regulations are controversial particularly because of the very specific requirements with regard to serial numbers, SAZ stamps etc. Representatives of the motor industry in Zimbabwe are currently seeking clarification from the authorities. They have also expressed concern that supply of such items as red triangles and fire extinguishers will be unable to keep up with the demand required before the due deadline date.

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